Messages of support for Christchurch are flooding in.


Across the globe people have reacted to Friday’s events (15 March 2019) where 50 people were gunned down while attending prayers at two mosques here in Christchurch. Support, solidarity and a call for love and peace to replace anger and hate are the core of the messages we have received.

Below are the people and organisations we have heard from and some also have links to their messages. Read them and know that we are supported in their prayers and that we are not alone in our grief and loss.

Bishop Peter has received many more personal messages assuring of prayers for him as he leads the Diocese at this time. Those sending such messages include Bishop Victoria Matthews (previous Bishop of Christchurch), Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley (Bishop of Ripon in the Diocese of Leeds and formerly Bishop of Waikato and Taranaki), and Bishop Henry Bull (one of the bishops in the Diocese of Polynesia).


50 pairs of shoes representing the lives that were lost on Fri 15 March, outside All Souls Church, Merivale.
  1. St John’s College Auckland ( email)
  2. Archbishop Sir David Moxon ( email-iPh)
  3. Anglican Church of Aotearoa,NZ and Polynesia, Archbishops Philip and Don call to prayer and Archbishop Cama’s lament 
  4. Bishop Andrew Hedge of Waiapu ( email)
  5. Diocesan Secretary & Registrar Sepiuta C.N.B. Hala’api’api (Revd), from the Diocese of Polynesia ( letter)
  6. Anglican Missions Relief Appeal
  7. Archbishop of Canterbury (Tweet)
  8. Bishop Christopher Chessun, Bishop of Southwark, England ( email)
  9. Archbishop Glenn Davies, Sydney, Australia ( statement)
  10. Archdeacon of Oxford ( email)
  11. Rev’d Peter Turnbull – Priest in Bedfordshire England ( webmail)
  12. Bishop Ian Douglas, Episcopal Church in Connecticut ( email)
  13. Bishop Anne Dyer, Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, Scotland ( email)
  14. Solidarity from Dunblane, Scotland ( email)
  15. Quebec – Bishop Bruce Myers ( webmail)
  16. Stephen and Helen Barton, Llichfield, U.K. ( webmail)
  17. Revd Canon Charles Stewart, Christchurch, UK ( email)
  18. Anglican Assistant Bishop of Wellington, Dr Eleanor Sanderson, and local Roman Catholic Priest Father Ron Bennett, Christian co-chairs of the interfaith group the Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
  19. List of support statements on Premiere 
  20. Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy of the Diocese of Perth, Australia ( letter)
  21. Father Jeffry Smith, Scotland ( webmaill)
  22. Marcella Robinson from Northern Ireland ( webmail)
  23. Wray Menzies, Scotland ( webmail)
  24. National Church Leaders of Aotearoa ( joint statement NCLANZ)
  25. A spontaneous video message  from Year 10 students from Macarthur Anglican School in New South Wales.


The Transitional Cathedral windows display messages of support on green hearts made by the Sunday School children 17 March 2019