The Episcopal Ordination and Installation of
the Rev’d Dr Peter Carrell
as the Ninth Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.

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* Further information about the Installation Service can be viewed by downloading this FAQ sheet. *

Update as at Wed 9 January 2019

Dear Anglicans

Plans are well underway for the ordination and installation of our Bishop-elect, Rev’d Dr Peter Carrell on Saturday 9th February, 2019. It’s not often we get to welcome a local as Bishop, so let’s make the most of the celebration.

The event is in two parts:

The Ordination Service, where the Rev Dr Peter Carrell becomes a Bishop.

It will be held at Christchurch Boys High School. While this is a substantial venue, seating is limited, and the allocation of seats to each Parish is being coordinated by your Archdeacons. Tickets are essential. Due to fire regulations there will be no standing room at the event. Some people have already been invited, and these include our clergy, Peter’s family, those involved in the event (like the choir, musicians and ushers), some VIPs and Civic dignitaries. If you receive a ticket, please make sure you use it! If there is a chance you won’t use it, please hand it back to your Vicar as soon as possible, so another person gets the chance to attend. Although the service itself starts at 11am, it is vital that anyone attending is seated in the auditorium by 10.30am. Parking details and other logistical information will be sent out in late January.


The Installation of Bishop Peter Carrell as the Ninth Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.

This will be held in Cathedral Square in front of the Cathedral at 3pm. This is an exciting event that all are welcome to attend. Tickets are not required for this event. Anglicans are being asked to gather in parishes, with their parish banner, line up with their clergy, and stand at the four corners of the square, behind their Archdeacons.  At the right time the Archdeacons will lead us into the square itself for the installation service. This is a celebratory gathering, a reclaiming of the Square, and a message to all that we follow Christ. Let’s demonstrate that Anglicans are alive and active in the Christchurch Diocese.  Be ready to sing and make a joyful noise! This event will only take about 30 mins, and will be held rain or shine, so bring umbrellas for shade or rain, and comfortable shoes for walking. This is a standing event. Anyone with limited mobility requiring a seat, please make yourself known to your Clergy as early as possible.

So, in the new year more information will come out as to which “corner” of the Square your particular parish should gather. Please bring a banner to represent your parish and gather behind it. We would love all parishioners to be involved, young and old, and hope that even those of you from out of town, will make a day of it and join with us in this fantastic opportunity to celebrate God’s goodness.


Please start thinking about how you will approach this and what you need to organise. For example, for any who can’t attend, maybe you can set up a Big Screen TV and host a live screening party? The link for the live screening will be posted on the Diocesan website and Facebook pages. Or maybe you finish off the day, after attending at the Square, with a parish potluck or BBQ back on your patch?


But whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm and rejoicing. This is an opportunity for our Diocese to put behind it the challenges of the past, and look forward to making a positive contribution to the places, rural communities, cities and suburbs, where we live.


Edwin Boyce

Diocesan Manager