As nominated in Parish Returns April 2020

(Note All Synod Members are elected on a 3 yearly cycle and are renewed this year to lead into Synod 2021)

Updated September 2020

A downloadable PDF version of this list is available download here.

Chair The Rt Rev’d Dr Peter Carrell
Officers of Synod Mr Maurice Williams
  Mr Alex Summerlee
  Mr Edwin Boyce
(ex Officio)
AAW Dr Judith Mackenzie
Judy Palmer
Addington The Ven. Canon Helen Roud
  Mr Chris Russell
Akaroa-Banks Peninsula The Rt Rev’d Dr David Coles
  Mr John McKenzie
  Mr Simon Tipping
Amberley The Rev’d Stephanie Clay
  Mrs Deborah Kerry
  Mr Geoffrey Symonds
Amuri Co-operating The Rev’d Dawn Daunauda
  Miss Elizabeth Teulon
Anglican Care
Ashburton The Ven. Joan Clark
  The Rev’d Stephen Murray
  Mr Kevin Geddes
  Mrs Janice Murta
Avonhead The Rev’d Michael Brantley
  Mrs Kirsty May
  Mr Ritchie Stewart
Avonside The Rev’d Jill Keir
  Mrs Libby Falconer
  Mrs Christine Macey
Bryndwr The Rev’d Jacqui Stevenson
  The Rev’d Dr Bob Robinson
  Ms Pamela Brathwaite
  Mr Simon Walmisley
Burnside-Harewood The Rev’d Chris Ponniah
  The Rev’d Gerard Jacobs
  Mr Steve Clancey
  Mr James Rodley
Cashmere The Rev’d Christine de Senna
  The Rev’d John de Senna
  Mrs Claire Bickers
  Mrs Alexa McPherson
Cathedral Grammar Mrs Teresa Kundycki-Carrell
Chaplains: Hospital, Tertiary, Fire, Prison, Police The Rev’d Alan Cummins
  The Rev’d Alexa Evenden
  The Rev’d Lucy Flatt
  The Rev’d Mary Giles
  The Rev’d Lynnette Lightfoot
  The Rev’d Bosco Peters
  The Rev’d Peg Riley
  The Rev’d Philip Robinson
Chatham Islands Shirley Lindsay
CHCH – St Luke’s The Rev’d Peter Beck
  Ms Rosalind Barrell
  Mr Alan Robb
CHCH – St Michael’s The Rev’d Christopher Orczy
  Miss Jane Evans
  Mr Michael Graveston
Cheviot The Rev’d John Hearne
Christ Church Cathedral The Very Rev’d Lawrence Kimberley
  The Ven. Nicky Lee
  The Rev’d Alastair Buick
  Mr Chas Muir
Christ’s College Mr Ederick He
Church Property Trustees Mr Robert Bijl
  Dr Corin Murfitt
Community of the Sacred Name Mother Alena
  Sister Keleni
Craighead Diocesan School
Diocesan Ministry Team The Rev’d Joshua Moore
  The Rev’d Stephanie Robson
  Ms Sammy Mould
  Mr Paul Hegglun
  Ms Emma Tovey
Diocesan Youth Representatives Mr Byron Behm
  Miss Ciru Muriuki
  Mr Jack Barrie
  Ms Jessie Robinson
  Miss Bridie Boyd
  Mr Tom Johnston
East Christchurch The Ven. Katrina Hill
  Ms Dorinda Kirkpatrick
Ellesmere The Rev’d Susan Gill
  Mrs Shirley Everest
  Mr Michael Morley-Bunker
Fendalton The Rev’d Canon Mark Chamberlain
  The Rev’d Jenny Wilkens
  The Rev’d Peter Chapman
  Mrs Linda Adams
  Mr Steven Wakefield
Geraldine The Rev’d Tony Kippax
  Mrs Vicky Terry
Glenmark-Waikari The Rev’d Dr Elspeth Wingham
  Mrs Jennifer Mosley
  Mrs Isobel Whyte
Halswell-Prebbleton The Rev’d Peter Hurricks
  Mr Graeme Gemmill
  Mrs Ellen Loader
Hanmer Springs The Rev’d Natasha Glenderran
  Mr Jonathan Gardiner
Heathcote-Mt Pleasant The Rev’d Mark Sullivan
  Mrs Patricia Owen
  Ms Judy Phillips
Highfield, Kensington & Otipua The Rev’d Joshua Taylor
  The Rev’d Janet McDonald
  Mr Ed Hilder
  Mrs Denise Langrish
Hinds Co-operating Mr Thomas Ward
Hokitika The Rev’d Vivien Simkin
  Mrs Irene Richards
Hornby, Templeton and West Melton The Rev’d Les Memory
  Miss Glenys Mackley
Hororata The Rev’d Jenni Carter
  Mr Stephen Fowler
  Mrs Dee Innes
Kaiapoi The Rev’d Sandy Constable
  Mrs Margaret Cooke
  Mr Darryl Thompson
Lincoln The Ven. Mark Barlow
  The Rev’d Christine Allport
  The Rev’d Chrissy Smith
  Mr Karl Moen
  Ms Fiona Watson
Lyttelton The Rev’d John McLister
Mackenzie Co-operating The Rev’d Andrew McDonald
  Mr Steve Adams
Malvern The Ven. Susan Baldwin
  Mr Peter Cattell
  Mrs Dawn Logan
Marchwiel The Rev’d Pauline Geddes
  Mrs Patsy Kelly
Mayfield-Mt Somers The Rev’d Annette Eggleston
  The Rev’d Harvey Eggleston
  Mrs Pauline Hewson
  Mr Charles Jaine
Merivale-St Albans The Rev’d Megan Herles-Mooar
  The Rev’d Cameron Pickering
  Mr Pat Dolan
  Ms Jane Pinney
Methven The Rev’d Michael Holdaway
  The Rev’d Mary-Jo Holdaway
  Mrs Susan Jackson
Mt Herbert The Rev’d Dr Meg Harvey
  Mrs Vivienne Jackson
Northwest Chch The Rev’d Joanne Latham
  The Rev’d Lynne Walker
  Dr Bruce Deam
  Ms Erica Maclean
NZCMS The Rev’d Rosie Fyfe
Opawa-St Martin’s The Rev’d Canon Ben Truman
  Mr Adam Heinz
  Mr Peter Penman
Oxford-Cust The Rev’d Christine Allan-Johns
  Mr Kenneth Fletcher
  Mrs Katrina Graydon
Papanui The Rev’d Dr Tim Frank
  Mr Murray Matthews
  Mr Rod Shaw
Pukaki Co-operating Mrs Anne Sweney
Rakaia The Rev’d Michael Holdaway
  The Rev’d Mary-Jo Holdaway
  Bev Johnston
Rangiora The Rev’d Toby Behan
  The Rev’d Tina Thorpe
  Mrs Janet Apperley
  Mr David Prosser
Riccarton-Spreydon The Rev’d Sampson Knight
  The Rev’d Victoria Askin
  Mrs Joan Kennaird
  Mrs Sarah Young
Ross & Sth Westland The Rev’d Vivien Harber
  Mrs Kim Rankin
Shirley The Rev’d Dr Carolyn Robertson
  The Rev’d Carolyn Swift
  Mrs Dawn Harris
  Mr Lukas Thielmann
South Christchurch The Rev’d Canon Mandy Neil
  Ms Stephanie Johnston
  Mr Neville Queen
Standing Committee Ms Moka Ritchie
St Margaret’s College Miss Mia Wright
Sumner-Redcliffs The Rev’d Dr Thomas Brauer
  The Rev’d Dr John Fox
  Ms Jane Coulthard
  Mr Bryan Grimshaw
Te Ngawai The Rev’d Shirley Hawke
  The Rev’d Carol Rodgers
  Mr Ivon Hurst
Temuka The Rev’d Shirley Hawke
  The Rev’d Jill Maslin
  Mrs Kaye Donaldson
  Mrs Marion Foster
Theology House Mr Gareth Bezett
Timaru The Rev’d Ben Randall
  Mrs Deslie Hayward
  Ms Léonie Litten
Transitional of Linwood-Aranui The Rev’d Brenda Bonnett
  The Rev’d Felicity O’Brien
  The Rev’d Anne Russell-Brighty
  Mr Max Joines
  Miss Arianwen Morgan
Upper Riccarton-Yaldhurst The Ven. Nick Mountfort
  The Rev’d Kofe Havea
  Mr Paul Coleman
  Mrs Susanne Robb
Waimate District Co-operating Venture The Ven. Indrea Alexander
  Ms Maria Henry
  Mr Martin Mehrtens
Woodend-Pegasus The Rev’d Jeff Cotton
Mr Christopher Stewart
Woolston Mr Val McClimont
Mrs Fiona Pearce


Members with Speaking Rights Only

  • All clergy in the Diocese with permission to officiate.
  • The Diocesan Manager (ex officio).
  • All members of the Executive Staff Team of the Anglican Centre not otherwise named.
  • Parish Youth Representatives.