Level 2 Guidelines for the Diocese of Christchurch—Updated 28 May


Below you will find information on how we will go about our business in our ministry units under Alert Level 2. In particular in our worship services; children’s programmes; our at-risk parishioners; as well as the use of the church, hall and office premises. It is critical to best practice and stewardship that our Diocese attends to these details and guidelines and keeps up to date with any changes announced.


The Prime Minister revised Level 2 operations again on 25 May.  A Summary of level 2 guidelines is below. Full details can be found on the Government’s Covid-19 website here.

  • Schools and early learning centres can fully reopen.
  • Travel, including tourism, around NZ can restart.
  • Shops, cafes, gyms and hairdressers can reopen.
  • Professional sport can restart domestically without crowds.
  • Recreational sport can restart, including contact sports – but tracing required.
  • Revised 28 May: Religious gatherings inside and outside are limited to 100 people, plus leaders and/or workers.
  • Revised 28 May: Maximum number that can attend a funeral or memorial service has increased to 100 people, plus leaders and/or workers.
  • New 28 May: Choirs and singing are allowed but physical distancing of 1m between people must be observed and consideration should be given to increasing this to 2m. Some congregations are choosing not to sing in Level 2.
  • New 28 May: Refreshments after the service are permitted, but people should not share drinks, cups, plates, cutlery or other items. Some parishes may choose not to serve refreshments, or only to serve hot drinks.


Level 2 Guidelines for Anglicans in the Christchurch Diocese

To read about what we, the Christchurch Diocese, will do under Alert Level 2, download the two finalised documents below. These were revised on 25 May.


Level 2 Timing

NZ moves to Level 2 gradually over 10 days from midnight on Wednesday 13 May, with some restrictions, and Level 2 officially begins from 12 noon Friday 29 May, 2000. 

Graduated Level 2 timing

  • From Thursday 14 May all retail outlets, malls, cafes, cinemas, gyms and playgrounds will open.
  • From Monday 18 May all education facilities.
  • From Thursday 21 May all bars.
  • From Friday 29 May Churches can open and gatherings of people up to 100 people can occur.
  • We still need to keep social distancing and hygiene up.

Please note: parishes don’t have to resume Sunday Services immediately on the 31 May. Each parish can decide if that happens in the first week or not. Some parishes may need more time. Some parishes may only open one church within the parish. Some may decide to stay closed until Level 1 due to their ‘at risk’ congregations.

Also churches may, or may not, wish to continue some form of online services, but churches don’t have to do both. Again, each parish can decide what they can and will take forward.


Message from the Bishop