Doing Church Differently—Resources and Ideas

In light of the new normal of staying at or working from home and connecting with our church whānau via social media and webcams, a number of good ideas have come to light.

On this page we will share what churches in our Diocese and beyond are doing that are working. Take inspiration. Steal ideas. Collaborate and let’s be the voice of compassion, peace and hope in this currently frantic, worried, and at times, selfish, world.  We can turn the tide. We can make a difference. We can help the vulnerable. We can talk to the lonely. Let’s do it.

Please note – this page is evolving every day as the situation changes.

If you have an idea or resource to share, please email the editor on or the Bishop’s EA or the Contact Us form on the website.


Regular Live-streaming or video links



If your church has a public livestream or youtube service option, email Jo on or





  • The Christ Church Transitional Cathedral live streams weekly on a Sunday at 10 am and 5.30 pm.  Click here to go to their Youtube channel.
  • St Mary’s Anglican Church, Timaru, The Rev’d Ben Randall. Click here for his YouTube page with daily prayer and updates. On Sundays, live Services of Word and Prayer are offered at 8.00 am and 10.00 am via Zoom. To join either service please click here about ten minutes before the service time.
  • St Michael and All Angels has both Facebook and Youtube channels – Fr Chris Orczy has 8 am Morning Prayer, 12.35 pm Mass, and 4pm Evening Prayer. On Sundays he streams services at 8 am, 10 am, and 4 pm. Got to Facebook or Youtube.
  • All Souls Merivale-St Albans has services 8 am and 12 noon week days and Sunday 10 am hosted on their Facebook page.
  • All Saints Burwood‘s services can be found on their Youtube channel ‘All Saints Burwood‘. It goes up the night before (Saturday) so you can watch at a time that suits you.
  • The Burnside-Harwood Parish will load Sunday Services at 9.30am on their Youtube page. Rev’d Chris Ponniah also does a daily Morning Prayer on the Parish Facebook page.
  • The Opawa-St Martin’s Parish, Rev’d Ben Truman, has a Youtube daily Morning Prayer also.
  • The Parish of Amberley’s Rev’d Stephanie Clay does a livestream of Night Prayer some nights from her Facebook page,
  • St John’s Highfield, Timaru has a great website that outlines all the places to connect: MP on Facebook at 8.30 am Mon-Fri, EP on Instagram with revlucy2.0 at 8.30 pm Mon-Fri, Zoom at Noon devotions Mon and Wed at 12 pm, and Sunday Sermons will go on Youtube and Facebook at 10 am. They also have a kids ministry dropbox for resource sharing.
  • Anglican Life Rangiora holds a live online service each Sunday at 10.00am. They are also recorded and can be viewed on their YouTube channel.
  • Upper Riccarton-Yaldhurst Parish have a Sunday Service webcast for you to follow.
  • St Barnabas’ Church, Fendalton, have morning devotions on Zoom every day at 10.30 am Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday Worship on Zoom at 10 am with Night Prayer at 8 pm. These are open Zoom meetings: no code is required, just click and enter.
  • The Sumner-Redcliffs Parish have live prayer sessions Wednesday evening at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 11am. Click here for the current week’s info, their blog, and YouTube channel.


Keen to try?


If you are keen to try live streaming or video posts, but don’t know how, below are some resources to help.



Resources, Crafty and Peaceful activities



Isolation Deliveries – All Souls Church, Merivale-St Albans Parish


All Souls have put together an Isolation Delivery service for the vulnerable who are isolated and can’t get out. If you are sick (or have been exposed), have lowered-immunity, or are over 70 years old, you are not able to go out to get your groceries, medications and milk etc. So, All Souls will do a non-contact delivery system to your door. Visit the All Souls website for more information. Contact person Bridie Boyd 03 355 3287


The Burnside-Harewood Parish is offering a similar service. Click here to access their notice.


Letter Writing – Burnside-Harewood Parish


Writing long-hand letters is an old fashioned art. But in this unique COVID-19 space, our elderly are isolated and need contact – not physical and not via the web, as many don’t even have a cell phone let along a computer.  So the Families Coordinator Barbara Neville has started a letter writing programme, whereby various volunteers write letters to the elderly on our parish roll.  Let’s hope NZ Post can cope! If not they will hand deliver them, without contact, of course. The outreach aims to create a sense of belonging, connectedness, and aims to cheer people up in their period of social distancing. If you get children involved, it can also be a learning tool.  If you wish to chat about this initiative or get involved contact Barbara or Chris on



Pastoral Care Groups – Burnside-Harewood Parish


To help ensure that everyone in the B-H Parish is well cared for, the senior leaders have formed pastoral care groups: each group is being cared for by a staff member, home group leader or a parish lay minister. The “shepherd” of the group keeps in touch with their group (via email or ph, taken from the Parish contact list) to see how their “flock” are doing, and to pray with them if desired. The vicar cares for the “shepherds” and the shepherds care for their “flock”. If needs are identified, the shepherds and vicar work together to assist where possible. Contact Chris on