2020 Blue Christmas Services in the Christchurch Diocese (also called Remembrance or Memorial Services)

Parish Date Time Address
Riccarton-Spreydon Parish, Chch 6 Dec 6:30pm St Martin’s Church, 50 Lincoln Rd, Spreydon
East Christchurch Parish, Chch 10 Dec 6:30pm St Luke’s Church, 212 Pine Ave, South Brighton
Malvern Anglican Parish, Canterbury 13 Dec 7pm St Ambrose’s Church, 44-46 Railway Terrace Rd, Sheffield
Northwest Parish, Chch 13 Dec 3:30pm St David’s Church, 831 Main North Rd, Belfast
Hornby, Templeton & West Melton Parish, Chch 13 Dec 7pm St Columba’s Church, 452 Main South Rd, Hornby
Te Ngawai Parish, Sth Canterbury 13 Dec 4pm St Alban’s Church, 20-22 Harris St, Pleasant Point
Merivale-St Alban’s Parish, Chch 14 Dec 6:30pm All Souls Church, 30 Church Lane, Merivale
Hororata Parish, Canterbury 16 Dec 7pm St John’s Church, Hororata Rd, Hororata
Amberley Parish, Nth Canterbury 17 Dec 7pm Holy Innocents’ Church, 9 Church St, Amberley
Geraldine Parish, Sth Canterbury 19 Dec 5pm St Mary’s Church, 77 Talbot St, Geraldine
Lincoln Parish, Chch 20 Dec 7pm St Mark’s Church, 106 Greenpark Rd, Greenpark
Burnside-Harewood Parish, Chch 20 Dec 3:30pm St James’ Church, 750 Harewood Rd, Harewood
Temuka Parish, Sth Canterbury 20 Dec 4pm St Peter’s Church, 192 King St, Temuka
Ross and South Westland A blue Christmas tree (literally blue) is set up in a café in Harihari and people are invited to write their losses on cards to tie on the tree.