Level 2 updated Guidelines: Feb 2021


Following the announcement that we are back at Covid Alert Level 2, there are a number of changes in the coming days.


Shrove Tuesday

Sorry pancake-lovers, but under L2 guidelines it is simplest to cancel Shrove Tuesday events. Within your own family bubble, of course, you can make, race and eat pancakes!


Ash Wednesday

A number of different churches and denominations have already cancelled these services and if your parish as cancelled, that’s ok.

Some parishes plan to wait and see what happens this week and may hold them in the first week of Lent instead.

If your parish chooses to have an Ash Wednesday service, unfortunately you won’t be able to be marked with the sign of the cross in ashes (imposition). A service can go ahead (assuming your congregation is less then 100) but parishes will need to make sure they do all the right things (tracing, hygiene, distancing etc).

One suggested alternative is for attendees to each sign themselves with a cross on their own forehead (no ashes), but that will be up to each church and each individual.


What’s Next?

Once we know more, we can update you again. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and understanding.


What can we do?

Instead of saying what you can’t do, here are some suggestions of what you can do:

  • Check on anyone vulnerable in your families, parishes and community
  • Be kind to each other, and to those we meet in our daily lives—we all process things differently, and we all have a lot going on.
  • Be thankful…
    • To date (15/2/21) we don’t have confirmed cases in Christchurch, and so far our Government has kept us safe by taking an early cautionary approach.
    • We are privileged to still be able to meet with one another as many are not.
  • And let’s pray for our world, our nation and our government (as Paul advises in 1 Timothy 2).


Kia Kaha. Our team of five million can get through this together.


Attached here are updated summary Quick Chart and Guidelines from last year [updated as at 15 Feb 2021]:


Click here to read Bishop Peter’s Special e-Life dated Monday 15 February, 2021.