Level 2 updated Guidelines: 2 Mar 2021


The Lockdown Levels keep changing based on the number of COVID cases and their circumstances. [As at 2 March, the country is in Level 2 with Auckland in Level 3.]

Let’s stay safe, and be considerate of the health of others, as well as of ourselves.

Please note, that changes in levels does affect worship services, funerals and other gathering within our Diocese.

Below are the reminders for each level to refresh your memory.


At Any Level

  • user the tracer app or sign in sheet at any venue or place you visit
  • maintain great hygiene—wash your hands and user sanitizer frequently
  • if coughing, sneezing or spluttering in any way, cover your mouth (Chicken-wing it!)
  • if you’re are sick, or vulnerable, please stay at home
  • wear a mask if you are worried
  • wear a mask for all journeys on Public Transport
  • be kind and patient, encourage each other to follow the rules in a supportive way.


Level 1

  • gatherings as normal but maintain hygiene, and tracing
  • masks mandatory on public transport.


Level 2

  • 100+leaders for all gatherings such as funerals, worship weddings and baptism
  • Physical distancing of 1 metre between people (not otherwise in the same bubble) and alternative forms of greeting to be used
  • Face masks recommended when meeting, but mandatory on public transport
  • No food or drink at Level 2 unless you can follow the strict guidelines mandated by Govt
  • No passing of plate, but stationary collections only
  • Communion in one kind only, and stand don’t kneel.


Principles, commitments and key advice

  • Love for one another guides our actions: our aim is to maintain good health for all members of our congregations, for all visitors to our services and for all users of our premises.
  • With love as our guide we seek to be vigilant and careful, but we do not need to be fearful.
  • When we gather we do so safely through following guidance about physical distancing between each other, about cleanliness of our hands through washing, and hygienic treatment of surfaces
  • We do not join a gathering when we are unwell or if our health is “high risk.”
  • We hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  • We commit to regular, consistent recording of contact information for all who come to our buildings: contact tracing is critical to eradication of the virus from our islands.
  • Government guidelines and directions, as regularly updated, are found here: www.covid19.govt.nz. Nothing herein is intended to contradict the guidelines and directions of the NZ Government.

What can we do?

Instead of saying what you can’t do, here are some suggestions of what you can do:

  • Check on anyone vulnerable in your families, parishes and community
  • Be kind to each other, and to those we meet in our daily lives—we all process things differently—and we all have a lot going on.
  • Be thankful…
    • To date (3/3/21) we don’t have confirmed cases in Christchurch, and so far our Government has kept us safe by taking an early cautionary approach.
    • We are privileged to still be able to meet with one another as many are not.
  • And let’s pray for our world, our nation and our government (as Paul advises in 1 Timothy 2).


Kia Kaha. Our team of five million can get through this together.


Guidelines for Churches in more detail

Attached here are updated summary Quick Chart and Guidelines from Bishop Peter to our Christchurch Diocese [updated as at 2 March 2021]:

Information for religious communities from the Government can be read here: Religious Communities