The Rev’d Dr Carolyn Robertson, from the East Christchurch Parish, together with a friend, has started a campaign to encourage women to wear headscarves or hijabs in solidarity with Muslim women, this Friday 22 March. Many Muslim women are afraid to wear the headscarf right now as they fear being a target because of it. Below is an appalling incident that led the women to take positive action.


Her friend said: “Today I walked with a Muslim woman to school to drop off her kids. She was too scared to go outside with her head covered. So I put a scarf over mine too, to show her it’s okay and we dropped off the kids… Then when walking back from the school, a man walking towards us PRETENDED TO GET OUT A GUN AND SHOOT! He smirked as he walked by us.”


This kind of reaction is not acceptable and needs to be stopped. The leaders of The Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand say “The gesture of solidarity and support will be very much appreciated by our community”. The President of the NZ Muslim Association, Ikhlaq Kashkari, wholeheartedly supports the campaign also. “This is a wonderful Idea and we officially endorse it.”

Here’s the facebook page promoting the event:

Here is a Press article showing that this is also happening around NZ.