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The Bishop oversees the mission & ministry within our diocese by keeping the church true to its calling and by being the "shepherd of shepherds", caring for our clergy and leaders.

Bishop Matthews was installed as the eighth Bishop of Christchurch at ChristChurch Cathedral on August 30, 2008. Previous to this she was the Bishop of Edmonton, Canada for 10 years (1997–2007) and Suffragan (Assistant) Bishop of Toronto (1994–1997).

During her time as the Bishop of Christchurch, there have been 12,000 earthquakes and aftershocks in the city and surrounding area. The Diocese has had 220 buildings badly damaged or destroyed including the iconic ChristChurch Cathedral which is central to the history of the city and province. Recognising the length of time before a new Cathedral in Cathedral Square will be built, the Transitional Cathedral, aka the Cardboard Cathedral, was erected adjacent to Latimer Square. Seating 700 it has become a sign of hope for the broken city of Christchurch, a venue for cultural and social events as well as a place of worship and witness.

Bishop Matthews previously chaired the Canadian Primate’s Theological Commission, and is a member of the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Unity Faith and Order which considers Anglican and ecumenical theological questions and Anglican common life around the world. She continues to be demand as a guest lecturer. She has enjoyed leading youth pilgrimages to holy places such as Iona and Taizé, and has served as a trustee of Yale University in the USA.

In her spare time Bishop Matthews enjoys hiking and walking her Anatolian shepherd dog Jethro, going to the gym and reading history and theology.

The Last Word on Pain


"The past year was full of events that challenged people's equilibrium and raised questions about what is trustworthy. The events also raised queries about what was the best way to respond to those whose lives had been torn apart by death and disaster. I write this just after the announcement that the bodies of the deceased will not be able to be removed from the Pike River Mine for reasons of safety, and as Australia suffers from horrific flooding that has cost lives. A priest in Brisbane who emailed me said it was a strangely isolating experience to be in the midst of the floods that are highlighted in every newscast around the world, yet which leave him feeling incredibly isolated as he tries to minister to his flock.So what is the Good News for such people? What is the Gospel for folks whose confidence was further shaken in the Boxing Day quakes and subsequent shakes? In Romans, the apostle Paul writes:
"For I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."The Gospel never denies the reality of pain and suffering. Look at how Jesus died; consider the number of Christians martyred over the centuries; the apostle Paul himself was no stranger to pain and persecution. Disasters and tragedies happen whether they be floods, earthquakes or mine explosions, epidemics or famines. We know life goes terribly wrong at times. But Paul says that in spite of all that, God has the last word, and that word is Love. This is the God whose Son died on the cross and rose again, to show for all time that God's love is stronger than death.But this leaves us still pondering, how do we respond to those who are suffering from the disasters of the present moment? I think the obvious answer is to reach out to those in need. Tell your friends and acquaintances, and even strangers, that they are not alone. Tell them that death does not have the last word. The last word is love and it will never be defeated or beaten. It is the love that triumphs over death and never lets go. It is the love of God."

Victoria Matthews


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