Electoral College Friday 17 – Sunday 19 August 2018

Electoral College (also called Electoral Synod) will take place from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 August 2018 at St Christopher’s Church, Avonhead.

We invite all Anglicans to pray the prayer below between now and when the Bishop is announced.

Faithful God,
We give thanks for our Diocese in all its diversity:
for its beginnings, and all who have envisioned, served and pastored your pilgrim people thus far.
As we seek to nominate our next Bishop, may we be attentive to the leading of your Holy Spirit throughout the process.
Open our hearts and minds to recognise the person you are calling to be our spiritual leader at this time.
Grant us wisdom and discernment, laying aside our own desires and ambitions.
With humility and courage may we journey together, trusting in your mercy and grace.
This we pray through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Schedule

The Electoral College, including the Eucharist, is at St Christopher’s Church, 244 Avonhead Rd, Avonhead.

Members of the Electoral College are advised to note the following schedule.

Date Time Activity
Friday 17 August 2018 5.30pm Sign-in desk opens at St Christopher’s Church
6.00pm Electoral College Constituted
Electoral College Eucharist and Commissary’s Address
Electoral College Procedural Motions
9.00pm Close for the day
Saturday 18 August 2018 8.30am Electoral College resumes
10.00am Morning Tea
10.30am Electoral College resumes
12.00pm Lunch
1.00pm Electoral College Resumes
3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm Electoral College resumes
6.00pm Dinner
7.00pm Electoral College resumes
9.00pm Close of the college, or adjournment, if needed, until noon Sunday 19 August up to 5.00pm, or to a later date if required.


Permission not to attend the Electoral College must be request from the Archbishop’s Commissary no later than Friday 3 August 2018.  Such requests should sent to the Diocesan Manager diomanager@anglicanlife.org.nz

Electoral College Summons

If you are a member of the 2018 Electoral College, your summons to attend has been posted out to you.

You will be called to attend the 2018 Electoral College if you were a lay member or clergy member of the 54th Diocesan Synod (3 September 2015 to 5 September 2018).

Electoral College Summons were posted to all those members on Monday 25 June and should therefore be received by Friday 29 June.  Any member who has not received their summons should contact Scott Walters as soon as possible on dioadmin@anglicanlife.org.nz

Please note: There is no registration process for the Electoral College as all members are expected to attend. The summons outlines the procedure to follow if you are unable to attend.

Please read: Prior to attending College, please make sure you have read the memo from the Chancellor about the Electoral College and the Electoral College Standing Orders.

Process for Selecting a new Bishop

To find out how to propose a candidate for the role of Bishop of Christchurch, click here. Please note: this process is now closed.

The steps the Diocese must follow to appoint a new Bishop are available in a visual flow chart. Or you can read the steps numbers 1-9 below.

  1. An Arrangements Committee (AC) is formed to oversee the running of the Electoral College. The AC is in charge of the process and outcome, including receiving proposed candidates’ information, and presenting candidates. Members of the AC are:
    • Archbishops’ Commissary for the Electoral College – Sir David Moxon
    • The Chancellor – Mr Jeremy Johnson
    • The Diocesan Manager – Mr Edwin Boyce
    • The Vice Chancellor – Mr Alex Summerlee
    • Standing Committee Appointee – Ven. Indrea Alexander
  2. An Electoral College (EC) is called (ie: the dates are named and all eligible College attendees are notified). EC will meet to vote on the applicants on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2018. EC consists of all Diocesan Synod members with voting rights as at the 54th Diocesan Synod. This is not the new synod reps from the 2018 elections. All Electoral College members will have been notified via email.
  3. Information is sent out about the electoral College and the procedures. Make sure you have read the memo from Chancellor about Electoral College Memo to Electoral College Members and  Electoral College Standing Orders Draft 8518.
  4. A Diocesan Profile is created. This profile tells any prospective candidate about the Diocese, who we are, how we worship, how many clergy and laity we have, what’s important to us and what we are trying to achieve here in the Diocese. Consultation meetings around the Diocese were held and the information went into the profile, which is now available.
  5. The call for proposed candidates for Bishop of Christchurch opened on Friday 8 June and closed Friday 29 June 2018. The profile and proposal pack were available here on the website from Friday 8 June.
  6. Once the proposal period closes, and all electoral college members are sent the information about the proposed candidates. The information about who has been nominated is confidential. We are now up to here.
  7. On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2018, EC meets, they discuss the proposed names and view a video interview. By a process of elimination, a preferred candidate is selected to be forwarded (nominated) to General Synod/ Te Hīnota Whānui. The preferred candidate’s name remains confidential.
  8. General Synod/ Te Hīnota Whānui votes on the nomination (via email).
  9. All going well, a public announcement about the new Bishop, will be made in the first week of September 2018.


If you have any questions about this process please ask your parish leaders or email the Diocesan Manager, Edwin Boyce, on diomanager@anglicanlife.org.nz.

Information about how the Diocese will run, while we are in this interim stage, prior to a new Bishop being appointed, has been outlined in Archbishop Philip Richardson’s letter to the Diocese.