How to Propose a person for Bishop

To find out how to propose a candidate for the role of Bishop of Christchurch, click here.

Electoral College (Synod) August 2018

Electing a new Bishop is a complex process that takes some time to coordinate. The information below outlines the process and indicative timeframes for this to happen.  Updates to this information will be posted as they happen.

Steps to appoint a new Bishop

Process for Selecting a Bishop

  1. An Arrangements Committee (AC) is formed to oversee the running of the Electoral College. The AC is in charge of the process and outcome, including receiving proposed candidates’ information, and presenting candidates. Members of the AC are:
    • Archbishops’ Commissary for the Electoral College – Sir David Moxon
    • The Chancellor – Mr Jeremy Johnson
    • The Diocesan Manager – Mr Edwin Boyce
    • The Vice Chancellor – Mr Alex Summerlee
    • Standing Committee Appointee – Ven. Indrea Alexander
    • Standing Committee Appointee – Mrs Renée Santich


  1. An Electoral College (EC) is called. The EC votes on the candidates and the nominated person’s name is forwarded to General Synod / Te Hīnota Whānui for them to accept. EC will meet to vote on the applicants on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2018. EC consists of all Diocesan Synod members with voting rights. All Synod members with voting rights will have been notified of this via email.


  1. A Diocesan Profile is created. This profile tells any prospective candidate about the Diocese, who we are, how we worship, how many clergy and laity we have, what’s important to us and what we are trying to achieve here in the Diocese. Consultation meetings around the Diocese have been held and all information is now with the Diocesan Manager. The Diocesan Manager has collated the comments and used it to inform the Diocesan Profile. The draft Profile is approved by Standing Committee.


4. The call for proposed candidates for Bishop of Christchurch will open on Friday 8 June and close Friday 29 June 2018. Information about the candidates will be given to members of the EC prior to it convening. The profile and proposal pack will be available here on the website from Friday 8 June.


5. On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2018, EC meets and a candidate is selected to be forwarded (nominated) to General Synod.


6. General Synod votes on the nomination.


7. All going well, a public announcement about the new Bishop, will be made in the first week of September 2018.


If you have any questions about this process please ask your parish leaders or email the Diocesan Manager, Edwin Boyce, on

Information about how the Diocese will run, while we are in this interim stage, prior to a new Bishop being appointed, has been outlined in Archbishop Philip Richardson’s letter to the Diocese.