The Diocesan Complaint Process


This page includes information about:

  • the person who overseas the complaint process, the Diocesan Monitor;

  • information about the role and the person; and

  • the complaint process itself, including how to complain.

You may have seen a poster like this in your parish about our complaints process.

The poster mentions that we have a Monitor and you may have wondered what a Monitor does and who they are?

Read below to learn all about the role, the person and the complaint process.

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The Diocesan Monitor—the role

The Monitor is an independent and confidential person who is available to hear the concerns of anyone who feels they have experienced professional misconduct by a person within the Anglican Church, including unethical behaviour, abuse of power or sexual harassment.

The Monitor receives and investigates complaints then works out if the complaint is likely to be a formal one or is best managed informally. Then moving forward, they discuss options and next actions with the person raising the concern. The Monitor will ensure support and advice is provided to all parties, and will arrange for victim support if required.

The Monitor knows about the complaint process the Anglican Church follows, and is aware of any associated legal and civil issues.

The Monitor is not a member of the Anglican Church, and is therefore considered independent and impartial. Although the Monitor reports to the Bishop, they have the authority to follow through the responsibilities, functions and duties of the role.

There may be more than one Monitor.

The Diocesan Monitor role is explained in the Diocesan Handbook.

Our Diocesan Monitorthe person

The Rev’d David Coster (Monitor since May 2020)


Now retired, Rev’d David Coster has served the Presbyterian Church for over 40 years in rural and urban parishes in the South Island. His last position was as the Moderator of the Alpine Presbytery (equivalent to our Diocesan Bishop/Manager and in a very similar area to our Diocese).

Rev’d Coster attends the Village Presbyterian Church in Bryndwr. He is married to Joy and they have two children and five grandchildren all living in Christchurch.

Rev’d Coster has also been actively involved in Rotary International for many years.


The Complaint Processcurrent  

An Anglican Church should be a safe place for everyone.

The Diocese takes people’s trust seriously and one way we do this is by having a complaints procedure for professional misconduct including unethical behaviour, abuse of power, or sexual harassment.

To complain, you contact the Monitor or the Bishop. The Diocesan Monitor is an independent confidential person available to hear your concerns.


How do I complain?

Please contact:

Rev’d David Coster on 027-220-5765


The Bishop on 03-348-6960



The Complaint Process—is under review 


In the rules and regulations of the Anglican Church are periodically reviewed.

“Title D” is the section of the Church’s Canons that outlines the process and procedures for dealing with complaints.

The existing Title D Canon has been in place for 20 years and is currently under review.

The outcome of the review is expected to be in place for 2021.